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Premiere of the Violoncello Concerto by Johannes Harneit in Stuttgart

The premiere performance of the anxiously awaited Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra by Johannes Harneit is coming up soon. The work will be presented in Stuttgart for the first time on 30 April by Jochen Ameln, violoncello, and the Stuttgart Philharmonic under the direction of Gabriel Feltz.

Harneit has contributed the following comments on his latest work:

In the Cello Concerto there is an alternation between character pieces and absolute form. In the character pieces, the instrument experiences the music (for example, it seems to be awakened from sleep with a shock at the beginning, then sinks back down into sleep). In the absolute forms, on the other hand, it stands out in a concertante manner.

The colours of the orchestra are purposely toned down so that the characteristic basic colour of the violoncello can be brought out without difficulty. A special feature alongside the small, soloistic body of strings is the use of two off-stage violins and an off-stage trumpet.

The tonal passages are taken from my own youthful compositions.

The first and second movements are played without a break.