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Gubaidulina Festival in Groningen

A festival is being organised for Sofia Gubaidulina and her German composer colleague, Heiner Goebbels, in Groningen, Holland shortly before Gubaidulinas 75th birthday. The following works from the Sikorski catalogues will be performed there:

18 October, 7:30 PM, Groningen Museum

Gubaidulina: Sonata for two baritone saxophones

Gubaidulina: Perception for mezzo soprano, baritone, seven strings and tape

21 October, 3:30 PM, Lutherse Kerk (Lutheran Church)

Gubaidulina: Gallows Songs 3: Fifteen Pieces for mezzo soprano, percussion and double bass

Gubaidulina: 2 Preludes for violoncello solo (from the Ten Preludes)

Smirnov: Elegy in Memory of Edison Denisov for violoncello solo

Kancheli: Nach dem Weinen (After Crying) for violoncello solo

Schnittke: Klingende Buchstaben (Sounding Letters) for violoncello solo

21 October, 8:15 PM, De Oosterpoort

Gubaidulina: From the Book of Hours for violoncello, orchestra, mens choir and female speaker

22 October, 3:00 PM, De Oosterpoort

Gubaidulina: Homage Marina Zvetayeva for a capella choir

Gubaidulina: Song of the Sun for violoncello, chamber choir and percussion