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Returning to the Intimate, Lyrical Piano Sound: Benjamin Yusupov’s “Concerto Intimo”

The Russian-Israeli composer Benjamin Yusupov has composed a “Concerto Intimo” for piano and orchestra which will receive its world premiere on 14 February 2007 in Dessau by the Anhalt Theatre Orchestra of Dessau under the direction of Golo Berg. The composer himself will be performing the piano part. “After a long period lasting from 1960 to 1990 during which avant-gardists primarily used the piano for its percussive characteristics,” says the composer, “I would like to return to the intimate, lyrical character of the instrument and allow it to sing. The situation of our music industry and worldwide conflicts has caused me to withdraw into my private world of ideas and create a connection to people who understand me and my intimate environment.” The three-movement piano concerto was commissioned by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and the Anhalt Philharmonic of Dessau.