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1. Content of Online Offer

Sikorski Music Publishers do not warrant for the topicality, the accuracy, the completeness or the quality of the offered information. Therefore Sikorski Music Publishers shall not be held liable for any claims that refer to ideal or material damages incurred by use or non-use of the offered information, or by use of incomplete or improper information unless Sikorski Music Publishers have not demonstrably committed a deliberate act of gross negligence. All offers are subject to change without notice. Sikorski Music Publishers are entitled to amend or delete this publication partially or wholly or to remove this publication, temporarily or completely.

2. References and Links

For direct or indirect links to foreign Internet sites, which are not part of Sikorski Music Publishers’ responsibility, a liability is only assumed on the condition that Sikorski Music Publishers are familiar with those contents and it would be possible for them to prevent any use of unlawful contents without incurring major technical problems. Sikorski Music Publishers declare explicitly that the linked sites obviously did not contain any illegal information at the time the links were set up. Sikorski Music Publishers have no influence on the current or future layout, content and copyright of the linked sites, which may have been altered in any form subsequent to their original distribution. Consequently, Sikorski Music Publishers distance themselves explicitly from any contents of sites that may have been altered after the link was carried out. This statement applies to all links set up within the framework of their own Internet offer, furthermore to any references and external entries in guest books, discussion panels and mailing lists, which have been created by author. Liability for illegal, improper or incomplete contents is only to be assumed by the original offerer of the site, but not by the offerer who merely refers to the respective publications per link.

3. Copyright and Trademark Right

Sikorski Music Publishers make every effort to consider the Copyrights of the used graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts, and to use mainly either these types of material they created themselves or graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts, which are classified as public domain. All trademarks mentioned within the framework of this Internet offer and those that may, if applicable, be protected by third parties are unlimited subject to the provisions of their respective Trademark and its respectively registered proprietor. The mere mentioning of any Trademark shall not lead to the conclusion that the right of this Trademark is unprotected! Sikorski Music Publishers are the sole Copyright owner of all objects created by them. Any duplication/ use of their graphics, sound documents, texts or video sequences without Sikorski Music Publishers’ explicit permission is prohibited.

4. Legal enforceability of this Disclaimer of Liability

This Disclaimer of Liability is to be considered as an integral part of this Internet offer, which has been referred to on this site. If any provision of this disclaimer is declared unlawful, it should not affect the validity of its other provisions.