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Lera Auerbach’s “Little Mermaid” Starts in Hamburg on 1 July

“The Little Mermaid,” the ballet by Lera Auerbach and John Neumeier so anxiously awaited and enthusiastically received at the time of its premiere, will at last be presented in Hamburg. The choreographer and the Russian-American composer created this ballet on the occasion of the 200th birthday of Hans Christian Andersen. The premiere took place on 15April 2005 in the newly opened Opera House of the Royal Theatre Copenhagen. Now it will be possible to see the choreography at the Hamburg State Opera as well. The premiere is 1 July, with further performances planned on 3 and 13 July and in September and November.

“There are two things which are unique here,” John Neumeier once commented on Andersen’s most famous tale. “On the one hand, the extreme sacrifice required of the Little Mermaid out of love, and then there is the ending. It is no simple murder or suicide or forgiveness. It is the thought of working for one’s own redemption. That means: I won’t be damned and I won’t be rewarded, either. I must first work three hundred years before I find redemption. An unbelievable ending for a fairy tale. For us human beings, this decision would be torture. But still I understand this ending to be positive.