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Krzysztof Meyer’s “Musique scintillante” premiered in Kempten

A chamber ensemble of fourteen players performed the world premiere of the new work “Musique scintillante” by the Polish-born Krzysztof Meyer in Kempten. Meyer, who now lives near Cologne, has provided a brief introduction to his new work: 

“Musique scintillante” (2007) is written for an ensemble of 14 musicians and uses a compositional technique that I have been working on for many years. The harmonic language, based upon symmetrical chords (alongside the interaction of sections functionally related to the overall form of the piece), represents a fundamental principle of my compositional technique.

The piece forms a unified whole yet reveals a form consisting of several parts. A brief “introduction” is followed by a strict section consisting of a complex interwoven texture of different motifs. The ever-denser texture leads to an accumulation of complex chords forming a climax. “Musique scintillante” definitely represents the continuation of the search preceding it. And as always: I have attempted to develop further several technical methods used in the latest works whilst separating myself from those that did not yield satisfactory results.”

This world premiere rook place during the course of the Kempten festival “Fürstensaal Classix” at which Krzysztof Meyer is this year’s composer-in-residence. 

UA Krzysztof Meyer,
“Musique scintillante” for chamber ensemble (14 musicians)