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New Oboe Works at Sikorski

Manuel Munzlinger, born in Berlin and studied oboe at the University of the Arts there with Hansjrg Schellenberger. Alongside his activity as a soloist, Munzlinger is a highly successful composer who has enriched the repertoire of his instrument with entertaining, witty and playful works.

His predilection for the synthesis of classical music and jazz, as well as the untold possibilities of the oboe in this genre, led to the compositions australian jazz trio for 2 oboes and English horn (premiere: Oboe Section / Adelaide Symphony Orchestra), Jazz Concerto for Oboe and Strings (premiere: Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie conducted by Michael Sanderling) and the BaRock Concerto for Oboe, Strings and Basso Continuo.

New Edition SIK 8555

Manual Munzlinger Jazz Concerto

At the time I composed the Jazz Concerto I was living in Australia, and I found it very inspiring to become familiar with works by American and Australian composers who frequently experimented with jazz elements. (Manuel Munzlinger)

When I first opened the score of the Jazz Concerto by Manuel Munzlinger and looked through it, I was delighted to see that someone dared to write entertainment in the best sense of the word with completely traditional, normal means, in a time when all composers are trying to be as different and unconventional as possible. The result is a witty Concerto, in which classical techniques lead to a jazzy result, both in the solo part and the orchestra.

(Prof. Michael Sanderling, conductor of the premiere)