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Premieres of Works by Jan Müller-Wieland

Jan Müller-Wieland, composition professor at the Munich Music Academy for a good year now, is not letting his new obligations keep him from composing. A series of new compositions await their premieres. Here is Jan Müller-Wieland’s concert calendar up until autumn 2008:

4 May 2008, Gare du Nord, Basel

“Liebe und Krieg” (Love and War)

Eight Lieder to Poems of Raphael Urweider

for soprano, two pianos, two percussionists and two violins distributed in space

Claudia Barainsky, soprano

Jürg Henneberger, musical direction

Ensemble Phoenix

Work commissioned by the Siemens Arts Programme

11 June 2008, Munich, Galerie Artis

“Marcia d’amore” for viola d’amore and piano

Ines Wein, viola d’amore

Yumi Sekiya, piano

Work commissioned by the Octopus Ensemble Munich

29 June 2008, Gelsenkirchen, Zeche Nordstern

“Se solen sjunker,” Third Piano Trio (in one movement)

Siegfried Mauser, piano

Gottfried Schneider, violin

Sebastian Hess, violoncello

Work commissioned by the Piano Festival Ruhr

11 October 2008, Berlin

New orchestral work

Hindemith Festival Marzahn/Hellersdorf

Work commissioned by the RSO Berlin/Capital City Cultural Fund, among others

21 November 2008, Munich

New Opening of the Reactor Hall

“Abenteuer – neue Abenteuer – aus Faust” (Adventures – New Adventures – from Faust) (working title)

Music Theatre for three singers, ensemble distributed in space and live electronics

Jan Müller-Wieland, director

Cornel Franz, theatrical direction

Birgit Müller-Wieland, libretto

Work commissioned by the Theatre Academy/Academy of Music and Theatre, Munich