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Xiaoyong Chen: World Premiere of “Reflectere” in Vienna

The world premiere of the revised version of Xiaoyong Chen’s “Reflectere” will take place on 28 January at the Vienna University of Music and the Performing Arts.

The work will be interpreted by the Ensemble of the Twentieth Century, which already performed the original version on 22 February 2007 in Krems under the direction of Peter Burwik.

The composer has commented as follows:

“For me, composing is an eternal search for the ideal sound-image. I would call the momentary result which I write down on paper a reflection of my present observation of the environment in which I find myself. In this sense, this remains incomplete and is then continued later.

“In this composition, the tones are concentrated within a narrow space and develop in minimal steps. The dialogue takes place between the tones and silence, between the real sounds and nothingness. Clear characteristics of musical traditions – both my own and other cultures – disappear. I try to form the music purely through abstraction and allow it to say what there is to be expressed.

“One thing is clear to me: music has a direct effect on people, more direct than any other medium. Music sometimes has a mysterious power, during the creation of which composers instinctively follow their feelings of what can hardly be explained in words. This phenomenon stimulates my curiosity.

“This composition should lend expression to my reflections and understanding concerning the environment. It should reflect the transformational process of my existence and reflect my thoughts musically.”

28 January 2008

Vienna, University of Music and the Performing Arts

World Premiere: Xiaoyong Chen: Reflectere for Ensemble (revised version)

Ensemble of the Twentieth Century (cond. Peter Burwik)

Work commissioned by the Ensemble of the Twentieth Century