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Moritz Eggert: World Premiere of “On the Ball” in Vienna

During the opening of the Vienna Opera Ball 2008, watched by people all over the world, Moritz Eggert’s composition “On the Ball – a Football Ballet” for dancers and orchestra will receive its world premiere on 31 January 2008.

The ballet for 22 dancers consists of 30 short scenes. The following will participate in the dance: the trainer of the home team, the young player on the bench of the home team, the ball, two goalies, the referee and two line referees. The other 14 dancers change their roles – they are players of the given team, paramedics or fans.

Part of the orchestra is equipped with diverse “fan instruments” such as tin horns and whistles in order to create as “authentic” a stadium sound as possible.

The ballet is supposed to represent a full football match with 2 halftimes, with all ups and downs. An international championship is at stake, meaning that there is a lot at stake, as Eggert comments.

The first half is relatively “realistic,” whereas the second half is more dream-like and fantastic. There is a love story between the young player (played by a woman) and the ball (played by a man). The young player ultimately scores the winning goal and the home team wins.

31 January 2008

Vienna State Opera

World Premiere: Moritz Eggert: “On the Ball – a Football Ballet” for dancers and orchestra

Opera Ballet Orchestra, Choreography: Giorgio Madia

A work commissioned by the Vienna State Opera for the Vienna Opera Ball 2008

Opening of the Vienna Opera Ball

Live broadcast on ORF