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Film Documents on the Life and Works of Alfred Schnittke – an Event Organised by the Alfred Schnittke Society in Hamburg

The newly founded German Alfred Schnittke Society is inviting guests to attend an event under the motto “Portrait of Alfred Schnittke” on 21 April 2008 (8 o’clock PM) at Max-Brauer-Allee 24, Hamburg. The event is part of a project called “blurred edges,” 18 days of current music in Hamburg. Film documents on the life and works of Alfred Schnittke will be shown on this evening with Alexander Ivashkin, an associate of the famous composer. Alfred Schnittke’s widow, Irina, and his son, Andrej Schnittke, have agreed to participate at the event.

The programme in detail:

Introduction by Prof. Alexander Ivashkin

Film documents on the biography from the private archive of Irina Schnittke

Film documents on the compositional works from the private archive of Irina Schnittke

“Peer Gynt” – film excerpts from the production of John Neumeier

Alfred Schnittke’s publisher, Sikorski Music Publishers, will be represented with an exhibition of the publications of his work.