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Benjamin Yusupov: World Premiere of “Con moto” for marimba and string orchestra

The world premiere of Benjamin Yusupov`s “Con moto” for marimba and string orchestra will take place on 7 June 2008 at the Bilkent Concert Hall in Ankara. The work will be interpreted by the soloist Chen Zimbalista (marimba) and the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Ender Sakpinar.

The Composer about his work: “Con moto for marimba and strings was written for Chen Zimbalista. It consists of two movements. The first is highly expressive and charged with drama, building to a climax before reaching a magical marimba solo. The drama and tension are enhanced by a rhythmic ostinato, whose presence makes the movement seem thoroughly calculated. The second movement, in the form of a perpetuum mobile, is fast and virtuosic, displaying the full spectrum of the musicians’ artistic and technical abilities. Multifarious modes of playing and instrumental combinations are woven together to present a rich texture of ensemble playing. An underlying dramatic current integrates the work’s diverse musical episodes to create a conceptual whole. The duration is 15 minutes.“

Ankara, Bilkent Concert Hall,
World premiere: Benjamin Yusupov, "Con Moto" for marimba and string orchestra
Soloist: Chen Zimbalista (marimba), Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Ender Sakpinar