World premiere of Jan Müller-Wieland’s “The Star Talers” for girl’s choir and ensemble in Hanover

One of the most moving fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm’s “children’s and household tales “The Star Talers” tells of a poor girl who has nothing more than a piece of bread and her old clothes. On her wanderings, the girl comes across needy people to whom she gives the last few things she possesses. Then heaven rains down with “star talers” and a new linen shirt for the kindly, good girl who collects the precious silver coins in the lap of her new dress. From that point on she is prosperous for the rest of her life. 

Jan Müller-Wieland, enjoys a very close relationship with fairy tales and legends and has always been fascinated by this story told so briefly and yet so touchingly. Inspired by its poetry, he decided to write his own adaptation and set it to music in “The Star Talers” a new vocal work, commissioned by the Mädchenchor Hannover (Hanover Girls’ Choir). “Life is crazy and plays many tricks,” comments Jan Müller-Wieland on the subject. “This fairy tale about solidarity, bravery and social intelligence is about precisely that and is to be performed with immoderate longing and passion. Miracles happen and create new realities in hearts and characters. No one is lost or forgotten. All - rich or poor - must or should stick together. Through thick and thin. It is that simple. So difficult.”

World premiere Jan Müller-Wieland
“The Star Talers. Dream for girls’ choir, three woodwinds and string quintet freely adapted from the Brothers Grimm”
Mädchenchor Hannover; Ensemble Oktoplus
Conductor: Andreas Felber
As part of the New Year’s Concert of the Mädchenchor Hannover at the Hannover Opera House

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