A commemoration of Heinrich Riethmüller on the occasion of his 100th birthday

Heinrich Riethmüller was a household name to millions of viewers of German television in post-war Germany. As musical director of the unforgotten show “Dalli Dalli”, he accompanied the legendary presenter Hans Rosenthal in numerous productions.

Heinrich Riethmüller was born in Berlin on 23 December 1921 and died in Baiersbronn on 8 December 2006. We are commemorating his 100th birthday a day before Christmas Eve 2021. In addition to his television appearances, the name of the German musician, composer and dubbing director was also associated with film, as he created song lyrics translated into German for many animated films by Walt Disney Studios from 1960 to 1980. Riethmüller also composed piano and orchestral works, of which the three striking piano miniatures “The Dream Piano” and the entertaining Kinderland Suite for orchestra have gained particularly renown.

100th birthday
Heinrich Riethmüller 
(23.12.1921 - 08.12.2006)
- “The Dream Piano”.  Three miniatures for piano
- Kinderland Suite for orchestra

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