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100th birthday anniversary of Timofej Dokschizer

The Trumpet Concerto by Alexander Arutjunjan made Timofej Dokschizer's name world-famous. In addition to Dmitri Shostakovich's Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and Orchestra, Arutjunjan's work is one of the most frequently performed trumpet concerts in Russia and is performed all over the world. With his arrangement of Arutjunjan's Trumpet Concerto, the world-famous Russian trumpeter, arranger and editor made a significant contribution to the trumpet literature of the 20th century. On December 13th, 2021 we will commemorate his 100th birthday.
The musician, who died in 2005 at the age of 84, has also edited the concerto for coloratura soprano and orchestra by Reinhold Glière and the popular “Im Stile von Albéniz” for trumpet and piano by Rodion Shchedrin.
The following arrangements and editions have also been published by Sikorski:
Johann Sebastian Bach:
5 Preludes for Trumpet and Piano (Dokschizer) - Ed. 6748
6 Preludes for Trumpet and Piano (Dokschizer) - Ed. 6770

100th birthday
Timofei Dokschizer
(12/13/1921 - 03/16/2005)
- Arranger of the trumpet concerto by Alexander Arutjunjan