“Pragma” by Osmo Tapio Räihälä is to be premiered at the “Nuova consonanza” festival

“Pragma” for seven players (flute, clarinets, piano, string quartet) was commissioned by the Italian festival “Nuova consonanza” and composed in 2020. The planned premiere was postponed by an entire year due to the pandemic. On 5 December 2021, "Pragma” will be premiered in Rome by the NED Ensemble under the baton of Andrea Mannucci. This new music ensemble is based in Desenzano del Garda. 

“Pragma” consists of four movements, played without a break. The movements are titled: 1. neuroni specchio (“mirror neurons”), 2. gioco d'amore (“game of love”), 3. era glaciale (“ice age”) and 4. pragma.

Osmo Tapio Räihäla on “Pragma”:

“‘Pragma’ represents the four phases of love. The mirror neurons make us react to other people (all the musical phrases here mirror themselves). The first phase of true love is enthusiastic and playful but is often followed by a phase in which feelings cool down and, at worst, become icily cold. Long-standing love then inevitably becomes a pragma or ‘relationship of convenience’ where things are accepted as they are without much drama.”

Rome world premiere        
Räihälä, Osmo Tapio         
“Pragma” for flute, clarinet and string quartet    
NED Ensemble                 
Festival ‘Nuova consonanza’, Culture centre Mattatoio

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