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Jüri Reinvere’s “Of the Dying of the Stars. Symphonic Notes” to be premiered at ‘musica viva’.

After the orchestral work “The Inner Sea” (premiered on 31 October 2021 in Saarbrücken) and “Two Bracelets for Klara” (premiered on 10 November 2021 in Tallinn), now the third work by Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere “Of the Dying of the Stars. Symphonic Notes for Orchestra” is to be premiered in a brief timeslot on 12 November 2021. Pablo Heras-Casado will conduct the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra in the world premiere of this composition commissioned by ‘musica viva'.

Jüri Reinvere, who celebrates his 50th birthday on 2 December 2021, explained to us the meaning of its title:

“‘Of the Dying of the Stars’ is a large orchestral work for the ‘musica viva’ in Munich and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Apart from my three operas to date, it is the largest I have written for orchestra. Astronomy, which is alluded to in the title, has preoccupied me from the beginning, both conceptually and emotionally. Structurally, it's about an elusive tension between a dark fullness and a lighter emptiness in a texture that is very feverish and that makes different contexts appear through different prisms. Emotionally and mentally, it is about the contradiction between modern astronomy and traditional, humanistic poetry. For thousands of years, poetry, painting and music have seen the stars, ‘the vesture of the heavens’, as the comforting-eternal, the unchanging and faithful. We have known for some time that this is not so. Perhaps Blaise Pascal’s famous sentence that the eternal silence of infinite spaces frightened him takes on a whole new poignancy in the light of this knowledge.”

World premiere Jüri Reinvere
“Of the Dying of the Stars. Symphonic Notes” for orchestra
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Pablo Heras-Casado
- Work commissioned by ‘musica viva’ -

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