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Special publication of Sergei Prokofiev‘s complete opera oeuvre

The traditional companies Boosey & Hawkes and Sikorski Music Publishers have recently united under one roof to represent the complete works of Sergei Prokofiev. They are taking this as an opportunity to comprehensively present Prokofiev's oeuvre in a multi-part joint publication. The aim is to draw attention both to popular classics and to those works of his oeuvre that still await greater attention on the stage and concert platform.
All lists are based on the latest research and are as complete as possible. Each issue opens with a foreword and a scholarly contribution. Famous interpreters and renowned Prokofiev connoisseurs have provided well-founded contributions that offer a highly interesting view of Prokofiev’s unique oeuvre.
In autumn 2021, the first special issue “Sergei Prokofiev: The Operas” will be published by Sikorski and Boosey & Hawkes. It lists all the operatic works of the great Russian composer with the most precise cast information and contains information on the background and genesis of the works as well as brief annotations on the content and models of the individual pieces. British director and stage manager David Pountney provided the foreword, and musicologist Rita McAllister wrote the major article on Prokofiev’s operatic works. Further editions on the ballets and concert works will follow soon, with the same layout.

Sikorski and Boosey & Hawkes have taken Sergei Prokofiev’s 130th birthday this year as an opportunity to also publish, for the first time, a complete catalogue of this composer's works, which has just been newly published.

Special publications:
Sergei Prokofiev: The Operas - The Ballets - The Concert Works.
Complete Prokofiev Catalogue of Works