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Jan Müller-Wieland and Johannes X. Schachtner at Kempfenhausen Castle on Lake Starnberg

The enchanted atmosphere of a concert at Kempfenhausen Castle on Lake Starnberg is evoked by “the crackle-like surface of Manuela Hartel's photo collage, reminiscent of the patina of an oil painting”, writes the organiser. "The musical and visual performative design this year was created by composer and conductor Johannes X. Schachtner and video artist Manuela Hartel. “Starting from the song cycle “Neues Leipziger Liederbuch”, dramaturgical threads are spun for a fairytale-like, sensual and pleasantly whimsical experience. Likewise through the “Lullaby” by Jan Müller-Wieland with the piano trio. The pendulum motif from Brahms’s “Guten Abend, gute Nacht” is the starting point for a highly poetic instrumental work that fascinates between ecstasy, meditation and expansive fading away.”

Schloss Kempfenhausen on Lake Starnberg
Jan Müller-Wieland:
Lullaby for violin, cello and piano
Johannes X. Schachtner: 
"Neues Leipziger Liederbuch" for soprano, baritone, violin and cello
after texts by Mara Genschel, Norbert Lange, Bertram Reinecke
and Johanna Schwedes
Johannes X. Schachtner:
folk/song/art I: Es waren zwei Königskinder (Once upon a time there were two royal children) for voice and piano

Alice Lackner – soprano
Ansgar Theis – baritone
Amelie Böckheler – violin
Simon Schachtner – cello

Johannes X. Schachtner - music dramaturgy
Manuela Hartel - video art and performance
Elisabeth Carr - overall direction and event

The concert was largely made possible by the support of the Christoph and Stephan Kaske Foundation.

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