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Tallinn Chamber Orchestra premieres Jüri Reinvere’s “Klara’s Two Bracelets”

Estonian composer Jüri Reinvere celebrates his 50th birthday on 2 December 2021. These days, many projects put on hold during the lockdown are now being resumed. Reinvere’s orchestral work “The Inner Sea”, for instance, was premiered in Saarbrücken on 31 October, and on 12 November another of his work’s “The Dying of the Stars” will be premiered in Munich. Symphonic Notes for Orchestra is also in the pipeline.

On 10 November 2021, the world premiere of his “Two Bracelets of Klara” for chamber orchestra is scheduled in Reinvere's home country Tallinn. Of this work the composer says:

“Klara’s Two Bracelets” are two small pieces of jewellery, intended as a gift for the Estonian radio programme “Klassikaraadio”, which we always call “Klara” among ourselves. I had deep and important experiences with this radio station: It was there, as a radio essayist, that I originally began to combine words and music and really experiment with them. At that time, the radio station offered me infinite temporal fields: I could make as many programmes as I wished throughout the day and at night. There was also a free spirit at the radio station, long before the pressure of maximising reach and optimising target groups. The radio really reflected the spirit of optimism that epitomised Estonia’s culture-savvy people. A pure luxury. These little pieces, for some reason, always evoke John Singer Sargent’s paintings before my eyes. I don’t know why myself.”

World premiere Jüri Reinvere
“Klara’s Two Bracelets” for chamber orchestra
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra

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