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Denver Has Found a Classic Hit: Americans Play Giya Kanchelis Styx Twice within a Short Time
No sooner was Giya Kanchelis moving orchestral work Styx for viola (violin), choir and orchestra performed in Denver by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra on 8 April then the decision was reached to...
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Benjamin Yusupov: World Premiere of Con moto for marimba and string orchestra
The world premiere of Benjamin Yusupov`s Con moto for marimba and string orchestra will take place on 7 June 2008 at the Bilkent Concert Hall in Ankara. The work will be interpreted by the soloist...
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MUSIC FOR CHILDREN Catalogue 2008 for download
You will find our current MUSIC FOR CHILDREN catalogue as a PDF file in the download area.

You may also order the catalogue for free.
Please send an email with the subject children`s catalogue...
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