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German premiere of Lera Auerbach’s “72 Angels. In splendore lucis” for choir and saxophone quartet

Lera Auerbach’s work "72 Angels. In splendore lucis” for choir and saxophone quartet is a work commissioned by Nederlands Kamerkoor, Radiokören Stockholm, Cracow Singers, Chorverband Steiermark - Vocalforum Graz, Collegium musicale Tallinn, CHOREOS Osnabrück as well as Zürcher Sing-Akademie and Collegium Vocale zu Franziskanern Luzern.

The German premiere of the work is now to take place in Munich on 23 October 2021 with the Bavarian Radio Choir and the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet conducted by Peter Dijkstra.

The composer commented on the work with the following:

“72 Angels’ is an expansive work for mixed choir and saxophone quartet. It is structured in the form of 72 prelude-evocations and an epilogue: ‘Amen.’ Each prelude sets one of the 72 names derived through an arcane interpretation of Exodus 14:19-21. Angelic beings, spiritual guides, higher energies or messengers are a common theme throughout many belief systems in human history. In addition to the concept of angels shared by the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, there are the Devas and Apsara of Buddhism and Hinduism, the Amesha Spenta, Fravashi and Yazatas of Zoroastrianism, to name a few.

The 72 preludes are interconnected and performed without pauses, creating a continuous composition rather than 72 separate short pieces. Structurally, the work divides into two parts at prelude 36 and in three sections at preludes 24 and 48, representing unity and division: two in one (duality) and three in one (trinity). At these demarcation points, all of the already-introduced names of angels are recited. The piece concludes with Amen, a quiet postlude-meditation.”

Germany premiere Lera Auerbach
“72 Engel. In splendore lucis” for choir and saxophone quartet
Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks (The Bavarian Radio Choir)
Raschèr Saxophone Quartet; conductor.: Peter Dijkstra

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