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30th death of the Georgian composer Zulchan Tsintsadze

Born on 23 August 1923 in Gori, Zulchan Tsintsadze was a double talent as a performing cellist and composer. He died in Tbilisi on 15 September 1991. Until 1945, he studied cello at the Tbilisi Conservatory of Music and continued his studies at the Moscow Conservatory. During these years of study he already distinguished himself as cellist of the Georgian State String Quartet. His first attempts at composition based on Georgian folk songs, the “Three Miniatures” for string quartet, were therefore also dedicated to this ensemble. It was precisely this work that brought Tsintsadze sudden fame. From 1966, Tsintsadze was a lecturer at the Tbilisi Conservatory, which for a period, he also directed. In 1973, the composer was appointed professor and assumed leading functions in the Georgian Composers’ Association. Tsintsadze’s compositions are perhaps most influenced by Dmitri Shostakovich rather than his Georgian colleagues. Two prelude cycles, the 24 Preludes for Piano and the 24 Preludes for cello and piano, are particularly noteworthy.  The “Grusinian Ways” for cello and piano, the String Quartet No. 7 and the String Quartet No. 9, marked with Shostakovich's initials, were also very successful. 

String Quartet No. 9 “DSCH”.  His “Miniatures” for string quartet (or string orchestra), which appeared in print with Sikorski, however, garnered his greatest success in Western musical terms. The mandolin virtuoso Avi Avital adapted six miniatures for his instrument and performs them worldwide.   

30th anniversary of the death of
Zulkhan Tsintsadze 
(23.08.1925 - 15.09.1991)
- Miniatures for string quartet
 (string orchestra)
- String Quartet No. 9 “DSCH”

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