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Johannes X. Schachtner’s “fragen.antworten.fragen – Konversationen für Klavier und Kammerensemble” at the Festival Momentum

Like last year, the Momentum Festival will be held in September in Stolberg in the Rhineland despite the flood disaster. The first half of the final concert on 17 September 2021 is to feature Ludwig van Beethoven’s Septet op. 20, and after the interval Johannes X. Schachtner’s new piece "fragen.antworten.fragen - Konversationen für Klavier und Kammerensemble" (question.answer.question for piano and chamber ensemble) will be premiered. The chamber ensemble in Schachtner’s work features the same instrumentation as Beethoven’s Septet op. 20.

According to Schachtner, his new work has been conceived as a belated gift in honour of Beethoven’s 250th birthday, which was celebrated last year. According to the Momentum Festival, Schachtner’s “fragen.antworten.fragen - Konversationen für Klavier und Kammerensemble” will actually be performed twice. After the premiere, there is first to be a lecture by Pedro Obiera after which the work will be played again, in honour, the organisers explain, Arnold Schönberg’s constant example. As a “coda”, a conversation between Pedro Obiera and Johannes X. Schachtner follows at the very end.

Johannes X. Schachtner says of the work:

“Originally targeted for the Beethoven Year 2020, the ‘Momentum’ festival requested a concertino that adds piano to the chamber-music septet instrumentation of Beethoven’s Op. 20.

Conversations: In today’s discourse, one sometimes gets the feeling that people prefer to ask ‘pressing’ questions rather than being genuinely interested in providing concrete answers for them. Thus none of the six sentences is concluded, everything remains vague or a question mark is put to an apparent answer...

The entire work revolves around the alternating notes d sharp-e, which also form the famous beginning of Beethoven’s piano piece WoO 59 ‘For Elise’. Now this tiny second becomes a keyhole through which one looks at the (musical) developments arising from it.”

World premiere Johannes X. Schachtner
fragen.antworten.fragen – Konversationen für Klavier und Kammerensemble (question.answer.question for piano and chamber ensemble)
Solistenensemble, Patricia Buzari (piano); 
Conductor: Johannes X. Schachtner
Commissioned work of the MOMENTUM festival

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