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Loriot on the 10th anniversary of his death on 22 August 2021

Vicco von Bülow (Loriot), one of Germany's greatest humourists, cartoonists, actors and directors, died ten years ago. His film sketches with, among others, actress Evelyn Hamann, made television history. The music lover and avowed Wagnerian was a satirist whose high standard remain difficult to surpass to this day.   

Loriot shares a text rewrite of “Peter and the Wolf” with our composer Sergei Prokofiev. Loriot’s texts are always brilliant, apt and ambiguous, just as we are accustomed to from his legendary sketches. The play “Peter and the Wolf”, usually performed in Prokofiev’s own text version, is here narrated by Loriot in a contemporary language probably more accessible to children. Many new ideas are hidden in his version. For example, no one is to be sad that the little duck, the ravenous wolf’s only victim is simply swallowed by the beast.  Everything has a positive side too, thinks the duck. “At last,” she says to herself, “I can go on a trip without being disturbed.”  

Carsten Gerlitz has also made Loriot’s congenial version of the text the basis for an arrangement for mixed choir a cappella.

Sergei Prokofiev / Loriot
„Peter and the Wolf“ for speaker and choir
SIK 1633

10th anniversary of the death of
Vicco von Bülow (Loriot) 
(12.11.1923 - 22.08.2011)
- New version of the musical fairy tale “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergei Prokofiev

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