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Jan Müller-Wieland’s “Traumbilder leichenstill” is to receive its Italian premiere in Brixen on 6 August 2021

Jan Müller-Wieland’s “Traumbilder leichenstill” (Dream Images in Corpse-like Silence) for string quartet or string orchestra was premiered in Dortmund in 2010. On 6 August 2021, we are to experience the Italian premiere of the string orchestra version featuring the orchestra of the Music Academy of the German National Academic Foundation in Brixen, Italy. The concert in the Hofburg in Bressanone will take place on Friday, 6 August 2021, at 8:30 pm. The second concert is scheduled for Sunday, 8 August 2021, at 4 pm in the Bayreuth Stadtkirche. 

The two-movement music refers to a story from the Old Testament, explains Jan Müller-Wieland and continues: “‘In stiller Ruh (lag Babylon)’ (In motionless quiet – lay Babylon) is the name of the first movement. In a chromatically ascending motif from Handel’s oratorio ‘Belshazzar’, the inner gaze is cast - as if into a psychic labyrinth - for an admonishing, indistinct flaming script appears. The title of the second movement reads: ‘(It became) quiet as a corpse (in the hall)’. Previously, King Belshazzar - according to the Book of Daniel and Heine’s ballad ‘Belshazzar’ - had triumphantly blasphemed God before his servants. A sense of impending doom settles over the room. The ‘Ha!'s’ of laughing freeze. Throats close. Breath is caught. - The king is assassinated.” 

Photo: Detail from the painting “The Banquet of Belshazzar” by Rembrandt van Rijn

Italian premiere Jan Müller-Wieland,    
“Traumbilder leichenstill” for string orchestra
Orchestra of the Music Academy of the German National Academic Foundation
Follow-up performance on 8 August 2021 in Bayreuth         


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