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100th birthday anniversary of jazz legend GŁnter Fuhlisch on 1 August 2021

Over the course of his lengthy career, the bandleader, jazz trombonist and composer Günter Fuhlisch has produced a large number of compositions and arrangements for Sikorski Music Publishers. Many of them, and by far not only pieces for his own instrument - the trombone, have become real evergreens.  These include the popular “Skat-Polka” for voice and piano, “Tip-Top-Boogie” for piano and “Whistling Blues” as well as his virtuoso trombone capers which are real repertoire classics.

The jazz musician and conductor hailed from Cottbus, where he was born on 1 August 1921. He died on 4 September 2013 in Hamburg, which had been the centre of his life for many years. As leader of the Hafenkonzert Orchestra, he wrote Hamburg music history. Fuhlisch had joined radio in 1950 in the early days of NDR and became the conductor of the NWDR Dance Orchestra in Hamburg. A year later, however, he also founded his own ensemble called “Günter Fuhlisch and his Soloists”, which became extremely well renowned. When Günter Fuhlisch died in 2013 at the age of 92, the director of NDR at the time declared: "Günter Fuhlisch was one of the pioneers of jazz in post-war Germany. The 'Fuhlisch sound' became his trademark. NDR owes him a lot.”

100th birthday 
Günter Fuhlisch 
(01.08.1921 - 04.09.2013)
- “Skat-Polka” for voice and piano
- “Tip-Top-Boogie” for piano


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