Marvão: World Premiere of Ferran Cruixent’s “Post lucem” for String Quartet

The Mandelring Quartet will perform the world premiere of the new string quartet “Post lucem” by Catalan composer Ferran Cruixent at the Festival Internacional de Música de Marvão. 

Behind the Latin title “Post lucem” (Follow the light) lies the composer’s desire to “find one’s own light and hope”. The piece consists of two very contrasting movements. Cruixent describes them thus: “The first movement, ‘Libera me’ (Free me), is meditative and reminiscent of chimes at funerals, candlelit devotions and intimate prayers. The second movement, ‘Ignis fatuus’ (Goblin Fire), is inspired by the mysticism of this mysterious light phenomenon. Throughout the work, there is a distorted chorale inspired by a fragment of Ludwig van Beethoven’s String Quartet, Op. 133, on the occasion of his 250th birthday.” 

In “Post lucem”, akin to Cruixent’s 2010 orchestral work “Cyborg”, the players are asked to use special playing and interaction techniques such as “cyber singing”. Here, an audio file created by the composer himself is played by the individual musicians on the mobile phone, a device usually used for other purposes. This defines a new possibility of interaction between composer and performer, which in itself is a real form of communication. 

In “Post lucem”, the distorted fragment of the Beethoven String Quartet is now intended to suggest a kind of communication between Beethoven’s time and the performers of the present day.” 

Marvão (Port.)
World Premiere
Cruixent, Ferran
"Post lucem" for String Quartet
Mandelring Quartett
Festival Internacional de Música de Marvao;

Photo: © May Zirkus

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