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Elisaveta Blumina records piano works by Grigori Frid for Naxos

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The pianist Elisaveta Blumina has recorded a CD featuring various piano works by Grigori Frid on the NAXOS label. The album was released at the beginning of June 2021 and contains excerpts from the charming Children’s Pieces op. 25, 39, 41 as well as the Inventions op. 46 and the Allegretto for Piano Four-Hands. In the latter piece, Blumina is accompanied by pianist Emanuel Sint.

Elisaveta Blumina has a particular passion for the music of Shostakovich contemporary Grigori Frid. After the pianist and university professor had made the work of Mieczyslaw Weinberg the focus of the programme at the Hamburg Chamber Music Festival in 2014, which she initiated and designed, Grigori Frid was the key composer of the 2015 Hamburg Chamber Music Festival under her artistic direction.

Frid (1915-2012) was also the creator of the mono-opera “The Diary of Anne Frank”, which has been frequently staged and translated into many languages. Blumina says of the composer: “My first encounter with Frid’s music was his Viola Sonata. I was fascinated and immediately ordered some sheet music from the Sikorski publishing house. The more I played it, the more I liked his music. My mother, the pianist Mara Mednik, whom I asked to look for his chamber music and play it, was also immediately enthusiastic.”

The composer’s children's pieces date from 1952 to 1960, and as author Lynn René Bayley states in the booklet of the new CD, we encounter “... music that is simply fun to play and listen to. These are absolutely perfect pieces for young piano students; they’re not too technically demanding, but at the same time they encourage the student because they’re just fun to listen to.”

Before Grigori Frid, who died in 2012, turned to a more modernist style of writing and founded the infamous Moscow Youth Music Club in 1965, where new works by Russian avant-gardists were presented unofficially, he was committed to a primarily traditionalist style. During this phase, he wrote numerous works for teaching purposes, including original piano miniatures for young people in three collections. They point to his diverse musical influences from Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky to Ravel, Stravinsky and Prokofiev. These little poetic gems for piano go far beyond their actual didactic purpose.

Grigori Frid
Piano Works
Elisaveta Blumina, Emanuel Sint (piano)
Grand Piano (Naxos) 

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