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Moritz Eggert: "Missa" for the Consecration of St. Michael in Munich

Moritz Eggert has composed a Mass for consecration of St. Michael for six vocal soloists, choir, organ and orchestra, a work commissioned by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. It will receive its premiere performance on 6 July in St. Michaels Church in Munich (Maxburgstr. 1), given by the vocal ensemble Singer Pur and the Choir and Orchestra of St. Michael under the direction of Frank Hndgen.

Concerning the subject of sacred music, Moritz Eggert, who has already used the form of the oratorio for the secular subject of football in his work The Tiefe des Raumes (The Depth of Space), once made the following comments:

The extent to which the Church, precisely during high periods of its musical sponsorship, was an open place, part of the life that was going on there, part of its environment, has always deeply impressed me. We cut out far too much from our life in that we prefer rigid ritual; humility is confused with timidity, which is why a great deal of modern church music is so ultra-conservative. On the other hand, when composers of new music dedicate themselves to the genre, it rapidly becomes dismayed and holy in a forced kind of way. The problem is also that there is a closed-off church music scene and only a few secular composers of high ranking are interested in the genre. That was surely different in earlier times: for a Mozart or a Haydn there was only a formal but not a stylistic division between secular and sacred music, which is how it actually should be.