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Peter Ruzicka’s Beethoven dedication ZUSCHREIBUNG to be premiered by the TONALi Orchestra

Peter Ruzicka's dedication composition ZUSCHREIBUNG was supposed to have been premiered by the TONALi Orchestra in the summer of 2020 in the Beethoven Year 2020. This performance, which was planned as part of the “BeEnigma” project for TONALi’s tenth anniversary, was cancelled due to corona and postponed for a year. The premiere will now take place on 6 June 2021 in Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie. The orchestra, made up of highly talented young musicians, will be conducted by Garrett Keast.

“BeEnigma” is a six-part collaborative work by the composers Manfred Trojahn, Peter Ruzicka, Judit Varga, Eivind Buene and José M. Sánchez-Verdú as well as the poetry slammer Timo Brunke.

Peter Ruzicka on his orchestra work ZUSCHREIBUNG

“A chorale-like fragment that could be attributed to the Beethoven period has been placed in a musical perspective of approach and distance. It asserts itself in silence as well as in the midst of the maelstrom of a frenzied, overwriting orchestral movement. At the same time, a different course seems conceivable at every moment. The fragment points to a horizon of possibilities. The music does not aim at a totality it reflects a processual course, ‘wild thinking’.”


World premiere Peter Ruzicka,
ZUSCHREIBUNG for orchestra
“BeEnigma” TONALi jubilee project
(TONALi Orchestra, conductor.: Garrett Keast)
Other performances: 12 June 2021 in Berlin and 14 June 2021 in Cologne

Photo: © Inc Still Wet (2019)


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