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World Premiere of Moritz Eggert’s “FREAKS” in Munich

Moritz Eggert’s new ensemble work “FREAKS” for 4 percussionists and 2 pianists will receive its premiere performance at the Residenztheater in Munich on 2 July 2008.

The concert will take place to celebrate the “60th Anniversary of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts”

The performers will be Peter Sadlo and his percussion ensemble, with Siegfried Mauser and the composer himself making use of toy pianos, melodicas and children’s trumpets. Jan Müller-Wieland will conduct the performance.

The composer has offered the following comments on the origin of this work: “When I was in Rome browsing around a flea market, I suddenly heard a very strange and fascinating kind of music. It did not seem to follow any of the customary rules of tonality or atonality. Having become curious, I followed the sound and discovered a so-called ‘mentally retarded’ boy – a ‘freak” – who was playing the accordion. Not for money, but for his own pleasure. For years I have tried to notate this so unique and wonderful music of that Roman afternoon - music that was free of the limitations that the knowledge of history and style want to force upon one, but that was far from being arbitrary or foolish.”

The composer wishes to emphasise that this work has nothing to do with his opera “FREAX” in terms of content.


Munich, Residenztheater

Max-Joseph Hall, 4:30 PM

World Premiere: Moritz Eggert: “FREAKS” for 4 percussionists and 2 pianists

Soloists: Siegfried Mauser and Moritz Eggert

Peter Sadlo Percussion Ensemble

Musical Direction: Jan Müller-Wieland

Commissioned by the Bavarian Academy