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Peter Ruzicka: Premiere of “Erinnerung and Vergessen” in Bad Kissingen

The world premiere of Peter Ruzicka’s “Erinnerung und Vergessen” for string quartet and soprano will take place on 3 July 2008 in Bad Kissingen during the course of the festival Kissinger Summer.

Ruzicka’s 6th String Quartet will be interpreted by the Minguet Quartet and the soprano Eun-Kyung Um in accordance with the composer’s special wish.

The composer has the following to say about his work: “ERINNERUNG UND VERGESSEN looks a long way back into my musical thinking. Past events in the zone between forgetting and memory are brought into the present through circling around, penetration and assimilation.

Found and invented musical shapes, including traces of a string quartet begun over forty years ago, reflect the development of my aesthetic consciousness. Remoteness and proximity touch each other in the now. In three of the seven parts, a voice circles around text fragments from Hölderlin’s later hymn ‘Mnemosyne,’ that dark conjuring up of transience and eternity: ‘memory’ not overcoming, but rather ‘consciousness of finiteness.’”


Bad Kissingen, Festival Kissinger Summer

Regentenbau, Rossini Hall, 5:30 PM

World Premiere Peter Ruzicka

“Erinnerung und Vergessen” for string quartet and soprano

Soprano: Eun-Kyung Um

Minguet Quartet