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Gerald Resch’s 3rd string quartet “attacca” released on CD

The Aris Quartet has released the world premiere recording of Gerald Resch’s string quartet No. 3 “attacca” on the GENUIN label, written in the Beethoven commemorative year. In the main section of the 2nd movement, the composer quotes the bizarre beginning of the 2nd movement from Beethoven’s string quartet op. 59/1: a characteristically rhythmic repetition of notes on the cello, from which everything that follows is derived in the manner of a perpetual motion machine, without ever losing the continuously rushed motoric of the 3/8 time (with numerous shifts). The main part of the 3rd movement is titled Arioso and uses the structure of the 2nd movement from Beethoven’s op. 18/1 as a matrix.

An excerpt from British music magazine “The Critic” dated 9th May 2021 says the following:

“(…) Resch’s citations of Beethoven are subliminal more than literal, but the mind absorbs them as a frame of reference on the “attacca” journey, like unlit milestones at night on a country lane. There is more darkness here than in Beethoven, but it is unthreatening. The 22-minute span of “attacca” feels exactly right for its materials, just enough to leave you wanting more. (…)”


And on 7th May 2021, Andre Sokolowski wrote for the online magazine “Kultura-Extra”:

“(…) I had listened to it (honestly!) five times in a row - before that I had focused on the 3rd and 2nd movement, in which Resch made a reference to Beethoven, specifically to his string quartets op. 18/1 and op. 59/2 (...).

Needless to say, the interpretation of the aforementioned Opus 59/1 by Beethoven (with a recording time of approx. 39 minutes) is of unconditional reference level; with which the Aris Quartet certainly knows how to recommend itself excellently!”

Gerald Resch: 
String quartet No. 3 “attacca”
Aris Quartett
GEN 21736

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