Saarbrücken “Mouvements” Matinee with Peter Ruzicka’s MNEMOSYNE and AULODIE

The 6th Saarbrücken Matinée of the “Mouvements” series with the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie on 9 May 2021 at 11 a.m. is dedicated to two works by Peter Ruzicka and Arnold Schönberg’s work “Verklärte Nacht” (Transfigured Night). The concert will take place as a radio production without an audience and broadcast at a later date.

The Deutsche Radio Philharmonie, conducted by Peter Ruzicka, will perform the work MNEMOSYNE. Memory and Forgetting for soprano, 18 strings and percussion and the work AULODIE music for oboe and orchestra. The soloists are Sarah Maria Sun (soprano) and Veit Stolzenberger (oboe). Sarah Maria Sun was also the soloist at the world premiere of MNEMOSYNE in Bremen in May 2017.

Ruzicka had already turned to the late Hölderlin text “Mnemosyne” in his 6th string quartet “ERRINERUNG UND VERGESSEN” (memory and forgetting). “The new piece reaches out even further, both in terms of textual reproach and by including a string orchestra and percussion,” says the composer.

On the oboe concerto AULODIE, the composer explains:

“My Oboe Concerto AULODIE, composed in 2011, comprises seven interlocking scenes of varying density, duration and instrumental balance. The sound formation accompanying the solo instrument consists of 20 strings, 3 percussionists, harp, piano and celesta. All seven scenes begin with an identical musical shape. This opens the space for ‘sound speeches’, which seem to experience the impulse for their further progress only during their sounding.

The ‘aulos’ was an ancient Greek instrument played on special occasions such as a militant work song, lament for the dead, wedding music, weapons dance or satyr games that went so far as to become wild frenzy. In AULODIE, too, emotional borderline situations determine the seven scenes of the composition. The music often seems to pause, to listen back to itself and refer to earlier sounds. AULODIE may be considered my most ‘novel-like’ work.”

09.05.2021 11:00
As part of the series “Mouvements”

Peter Ruzicka
Music for oboe and chamber orchestra
Memory and Forgetting for soprano, 18 strings and percussion
German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
Peter Ruzicka, conductor
Sarah Maria Sun, soprano
Veit Stolzenberger, Oboe

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