Composer and pianist Dejan Lazić in an interview with FONO FORUM

On the occasion of Dejan Lazić’s new CD release of Mozart’s piano quartets and his arrangement of Mozart's Rondo concertante for piano, 2 violins, viola and violoncello on the Onyx label, journalist Arnt Cobbers interviewed the composer and pianist for the February issue of FONO FORUM magazine (to be found on pages 42 to 46). When asked about his motivation for composing, Dejan Lazić states:

“(...) Of course I write for an audience, but it is also a compulsion, I have to compose. My goal is that the musicians have fun when they play my music. I write music that I would like to play myself. When the musicians have fun, it transfers to the audience. You can’t really explain it. Some genius wrote something a hundred or two hundred years ago, we play it on stage, the sound waves get into the audience’s ears, that causes an emotional and intellectual response, and those ‘vibes’, whatever they may be is something you can’t hear but you can feel, they come back and in turn inspire me to keep going or respond. It’s quite incredible.”

About the CD:

Dejan Lazić

Rondo concertante KV 333 (arranged by von Dejan Lazić)

(Other works: W.A. Mozart: Piano Quartets in G minor K. 478 & E-flat major K. 493)  

Performers: Dejan Lazić, Benjamin Schmid, Zen Hu, Johannes Erkes, Enrico Bronzi

Catalogue no.: ONYX4207

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