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Marcin Danilewski releases Krzysztof Meyer’s “Capriccio interrotto” and a first recording of the Six Preludes for solo violin on CD

The Polish composer Krzysztof Meyer, who now lives in Germany, once stated a few years ago that the time had come to “never discover melody”. He has worked on this in many of his works of the last decades, and actually melody has always played a central role in his oeuvre. The Polish violinist Marcin Danilewski has now made the world premiere recording of Krzysztof Meyer’s Six Preludes for Solo Violin from 1981 on the Musica Libera label, which is impressive proof of this. These preludes also consciously refer to elements of early music from the Renaissance to the Baroque. The cycle is a discovery for violinists who may not yet have been aware of this work from Meyer’s rich oeuvre for violin.

In addition to the Six Preludes, Krzysztof Meyer’s Capriccio interrotto op. 93 for violin and piano is also included in a new recording by Danilewski and pianist Grzegorz Biegas. In this virtuoso work, the influence of Niccolo Paganini’s 24 Capriccios is unmistakable. However, the work also has a whole series of surprises in store. First and foremost, as the title suggests, is the device of a sudden interruption.


Krzysztof Meyer:

Six Preludes for solo violin

Capriccio interrotto op. 93

Marcin Danilewski (violin), Grzegorz Biegas (piano) 

CD “Musica Libera” 

Accord ACD 283 NFM 73

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