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“Musica Mundi:” World Premiere of Benjamin Yusupov’s Work in Genval

The world premiere of Benjamin Yusupov’s new chamber work “Musica Mundi” for string quartet will take place on 26 July 2008 in Genval/Brussels, Belgium.

The Talich String Quartet will interpret the work commissioned by the Musica Mundi Festival.

The composer: “The idea of my piece is rather simple: it is supposed to connect the influences of the most varied cultures. For this string quartet, I have used the Armenian duduk, traditional Irish fiddle music, Indian raga, Gypsy-influenced Rumanian virtuoso instrumental music as well as a song in the cimbalom style. All of these different sources are mixed with my original music. We all live in a multicultural society and I try to reflect our existence in my music.

26 July 2008

Genval/Brussels (Belgium)

Music Mundi Festival, Chateau du Lac

World Premiere: Benjamin Yusupov

“Musica Mundi” for string quartet

Talich String Quartet

Commissioned by the Musica Mundi Festival