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Spanish Dance theatre project “Bogumer” with Galina Ustvolskaya’s composition no. 3 “Benedictus qui venit”

Despite the still tense Corona situation in Spain, the dance theatre project “Bogumer”, choreographed by Vero Cendoya, premiered in Lleida, Catalonia, on 23 January 2021. In this production, the choreographer uses, among others, Galina Ustvolskaya’s composition No. 3 “Benedictus qui venit”. Further performances are to take place on 16, 17 and 18 April 2021 in Barcelona (Mercat de les Flors). 

The company explains:

“An inclusive and intergenerational stage project in which five performers from Vero Cendoya’s company work with two performers with intellectual disabilities.

This project is the result of the choreographer’s seven years of experience in the world of dance with groups of functional diversity.

The story of Lunacharsky’s trial of God serves as the starting point for the dialogue about the search for one's own identity, the dynamics of power and the methods of mass manipulation. Daberi also does not miss out on humour and poetry - the company’s hallmarks.

In 1918, Anatoly Lunacharsky, Lenin’s commissar, organised a trial against God in Moscow for genocide and crimes against humanity. In the dock: a Bible. After five hours of examining witnesses and despite the defence's references to ‘severe dementia’ and ‘mental disorders’, the court finally declared God guilty of the crimes of which he was accused. On 17 January 1918, the death sentence was carried out by a firing squad, firing several shots into the Moscow sky.

Russia at the beginning of the 20th century serves as inspiration for the creation of a timeless space, a utopia in which the seven protagonists interact and dance in an environment of absolute chaos.

This stage project dispenses with any religious dogma. It is not based on the religious meaning of God. His name is not even mentioned. He is simply identified as an absolute power.”

Here is the link (Spanish) to the production: » To the website

Lleida (Catalonia / Spain)
Galina Ustvolskaya:
Composition No. 3 “Benedictus qui venit”
in the context of the dance theatre project "Bogumer
Choreography: Vero Cendoya
Further performances on 16, 17 and 18 April 2021 in Barcelona (Mercat de les Flors)

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