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Symphonie 4.0

The world premiere of Moritz Eggerts new work for three zapping televisions, electric guitar, electric bass and ten noise soloists will take place on 11 October 2008 during the course of the music festival Machen ist besser als Fhlen (Doing Is Better Than Feeling, 11-12 October 2008). The piece will be performed by pupils of the Marzahn/Berlin Youth Music School under the direction of Jobst Liebrecht. Moritz Eggert wrote it especially for the pupils of this music school.

The composer has supplied the following commentary: Symphony 4.0 (Fernsehballett) belongs to my series of mini-symphonies for unusual instruments, starting with Symphony 1.0 for 12 typewriters, Symphony 2.0 for four kazoos and Symphony 3.0 for six ships horns or automobile horns.

Everyday objects, which can be easily found in the home, are used in very unusual ways in this television ballet. The instrumentation includes, amongst other things, a Hoover, a coffee mill, saucepans and tin cans, mixed with normal instruments such as electric guitar and bongos.

At the centre of the piece are three zapping televisions which are treated like instruments, i.e. the times at which and the manner in which they are turned on is specified precisely, together with exact rhythmic instructions. This is a completely different kind of television ballet, therefore at any rate a genre that only continues to lead a sad existence on Italian childrens television.

11 October 2008

Berlin, Marzahn

Moritz Eggert: world premiere of

Symphonie 4.0 (Fernsehballett) for three zapping televisions, electric-guitar, electric bass and ten noise soloists

Work commissioned by the Marzahn-Hellersdorf Music School with the support of the Berlin Capital City Cultural Foundation for the Hindemith Festival in October 2008