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World premiere in China: “Ban Zhu /Gui No. 2” for bamboo flute orchestra by Xiaoyong Chen

While concert life has come to a virtual standstill in Europe and many other parts of the world, in the meantime it has been able to stabilise again in China. The premiere of the work “Ban Zhu (Gui No. 2)” for bamboo flute orchestra by the Chinese composer Xiaoyong Chen, who resides in Hamburg, is scheduled for 8 January 2021. The conductor is Biao Hu.

The traditional instrument bamboo flute is one of the most widespread instruments in Asia.

“We live in a world where people are overwhelmed with superficial information,” says Xiaoyong Chen. “Their attention to important information has been weakened as a result. They have become mentally jaded and passive, so they are no longer able to let their imagination run free. It's the same in music.”

In the Asian music scene, the sound itself is very much to the fore. This is also to be heard in Chen's works. In addition, his music bears a close connection to the rhythm and sound variety of the Chinese language: the smallest changes, temporal stretches, interval spreads and differentiated differences in dynamics characterise his compositions.

World Premiere Xiaoyong Chen
“Ban Zhu (Gui No. 2)” for bamboo flute orchestra
(Chinese bamboo flute orchestra, Conductor.: Biao Hu)

Photo: © Yulong Gu

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