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World premiere concert of Jan Müller-Wieland’s “Gottesspur”

Shortly before the first momentous lockdown in March 2020, the world premiere of the work “Gottesspur” (Divine Trace) for bassoon/contrabassoon, electronics and orchestra, commissioned by NDR Hannover, could still be performed in Hannover on 20 February 2020. Malte Refardt was the bassoon soloist and Andrew Manze conducted the NDR Radiophilharmonie.

Now NDR Hannover has released a link for this remarkable concert. “It seems as if it's from another time,” commented the composer. “But took place in February 2020. ‘Divine Trace’ is about the suggestion of a possibly different force in our existence. Perhaps a force of nature!?”

Here is the link for the concert: » Show the video

In “Gottesspur” for bassoon/contrabassoon, electronics and orchestra, Jan Müller-Wieland turns, on the one hand, to a spiritual search for traces of the divine, and on the other to the world of the seas and even of film. 

“A sound horizon of bassoon and contrabassoon contours this GOTTESPUR: Lonely, inner sounds. Calls in the watery desert. The gods have become like men, descended and among us, drifting in life. Visconti's THE DAMNED accompanied me: when the noble family of Essenbeck invites you to a reception, music resounds throughout the house. A cellist plays Bach’s Sarabande from the 5th Cello Suite. Meanwhile, the strings between fascists and industrialists are being pulled. A sell-out of all morality. By means of a tape on which a whale sings and calls out, searching for its track, its trail, connecting with Bach’s turns and phrases from THE DAMNED. Moby Dick returns. He has a score to settle.”

(Jan Müller-Wieland)

Photo: © Andrea Huber

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