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The Festival Klangspuren

The Festival Klangspuren Schwaz 2008 will be taking place from 6 to 21 September in Schwaz, Austria, a very historically significant mountain-farming region of the Austrian Alps.

This year, on 17 September, there will also be an encounter concert with Peter Ruzicka, who celebrated his 60th birthday in July of this year. The podium discussion and, at the same time, audience talk with the composer will be led by Chaya Czernowin. During the concert, the Minguet Quartet will perform Ruzickas 3rd String Quartet ber ein Verschwinden (about a Disappearance) and the new 6th String Quartet Erinnerung und Vergessen (Remembering and Forgetting) which was just premiered this past summer.

On 21 September the Ensemble Windkraft will perform the wind works Duo Sonata for two bassoons, Trio for three trumpets and Quattro for two trumpets and two trombones by Sofia Gubaidulina.