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Premiere of Moritz Eggert's “The Last Days of V.I.R.U.S.” at the Theatre Münster

One might think this piece was composed for a contemporary occasion. However, Moritz Eggert's comic chamber opera "The Last Days of V.I.R.U.S.", based on his own libretto, is almost two decades old and addresses the virus theme in an ironic-satirical way. In the chamber opera, which was completed in 2003 featuring only a very small orchestra, there are only five singers on stage.  

On November 19, 2020, Theatre Münster are to stage this entertaining play with a new production by Ulrich Peters. Thorsten Schmid-Kapfenburg is the musical director. 

Synopsis: The scientists Dr. Colossus and Dr. Kananga are working feverishly on the development of an incredibly dangerous virus. Through an unfortunate incident, the virus escapes from the hermetic enclosure of the underground laboratory into the outside world where it wreaks havoc. Its first victims are the two scientists themselves, who, while enduring grotesque mutations caused by the virus, perform singular feats. As the punch line of the deeply frivolous opera parody, the virus itself appears in the guise of a great tenor ... 

A doctors Kananga and Colossus quote from the libretto: 

“This is the virus 
Our Virus 
It is not yet finished 
But he soon will be We will look at him 
Maybe he looks back? 
The virtually indestructible retroactive scary virus strain! …” 

Moritz Eggert, 
“The last days of V.I.R.U.S.” 
Short comic opera in 7 scenes 
Text and music by Moritz Eggert 
Musical direction: Thorsten Schmid-Kapfenburg 
Staging: Ulrich Peters 
Stage & Costumes: Bernhard Niechotz 
Dramaturgy: Ronny Scholz 
Catherine / Dr Dax: Marielle Murphy 
Dr Colossus: Mark Watson Williams 
Gustave / The virus / Dr. Psappha: Youn-Seong Shim 
Dr Kananga: Gregor Dalal 
Rabastens: Christoph Stegemann 


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