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Finnish first performance of the joint composition “Trout” by Cruixent, Resch, Schachtner, Lazić and Räihälä

The joint composition “Trout”, in which Sikorski composers Ferran Cruixent, Gerald Resch, Johannes X. Schachtner, Dejan Lazić and Osmo Tapio Räihälä, have taken part, is to have its Finnish premiere on 25 October 2020 in Helsinki as part of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra's chamber music series. 

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In 2017, the pianist Silke Avenhaus inspired the five contemporary composers mentioned above to take up Franz Schubert’s famous Trout Quintet. The piano quintet, consisting of individual contributions by these composers, was premiered on 2 October 2018.

“It was our wish to supplement Schubert’s Trout Quintet with a compositional view from the present," explains Silke Avenhaus, “in order to lend this unrivalled solitaire of chamber music a current explosive force and to enable a curious audience to gain additional perspective and experience. Five young European composers have taken their very own look at the trout theme and have created five variations that take up, interpret or alienate the theme in a variety of ways.

The fact that the new variations complement each other - without mutual discussion - in the most exciting way is a stroke of luck - from the ironic trout waltz to the setting of Schubert's initials F. SCH. in the virtuosic Bartok 5/8 mania, to the Cybervariation, which, with the addition of the playing of a mobile app that evokes the sound of a warped long-playing record, means the palette of this approx. 25-minute new composition, may be performed after the Trout Quintet but is sufficient enough to stand alone as an independent work.”

This extraordinary collective work has also been released on CD together with Schubert’s Trout Quintet in a SWR recording on the Avi-Music label.

“Schubert Trouts”
Ferran Cruixent: Cybervariation
Gerald Resch: pond and spring
Johannes X. Schachtner: Addendum to Franz Schubert’s Trout Quintet
Dejan Lazić: the trout pond
Osmo Tapio Räihälä: Kirkasvetinen
Lena Neudauer (violin), Wen Xiao Zheng (viola), Janulo Ishizaka (cello), Rick Stotijn (double bass) and Silke Avenhaus (piano)

Avi-Music 8553408

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