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Reduced version of Grigori Frid’s “The Diary of Anne Frank” premieres in Gera

The frequently staged opera “The Diary of Anne Frank” by Grigori Frid is to premiere on 17 October 2020 at the Theater Altenburg Gera in the composer’s reduced version for soprano and nine instruments. Maia Andrews from the Thüringer Opernstudio will sing the title role. Felix Eckerle is responsible for the production, Gerald Krammer is its musical director.

The Theater Altenburg Gera writes about this work: 

“Grigori Frid’s (1915-2012) mono-opera stirringly describes the fears Anne experiences as she matures into a woman despite life-threatening circumstances, always maintaining her humour and becoming more relaxed. She draws her unshakable optimism from her ability to deal with her situation in writing, from her love for her comrade-in-arms Peter and from her observations of nature from the skylight of the back building.” 

Information on the instrumentation of the reduced version: 
1(piccolo),0.1,1 – 0,1,0,0 – drums (triangle, tom-toms, reeds, small triangle, cymbals, glockenspiel, tom-toms, glockenspiel), piano/cello, strings (1/0/0/1/1)

Theater Altenburg Gera
Grigori Frid
Mono opera “The Diary of Anne Frank”
(Version for 9 instruments, dt.)
(Prem. in Gera)

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