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World Premiere of Johannes X. Schachtner’s Chamber Music No. 5: “... ex machina” for horn in F, piano and organ in Nurnberg

Johannes X. Schachtner's work Chamber Music Nr. 5: “... ex machina” for horn in F, piano and organ from the series of Chamber Music Nos. 1 to 5 was written in 2006 and has now been finalised by the composer on the occasion of its forthcoming premiere in Nuremberg on 18 October 2020. It was commissioned by the Pegnitzschäfer Klangkonzepte, who will premiere the work on 18 October 2020 in Nuremberg. The performers are Wilfried Krüger (horn), Gottfried Rüll (piano) and Manfred Meier-Appel (organ).  

“For a long time, I had been pursuing the idea of fusing the reverberation of the low notes of a concert grand piano with the booming 16-foot bass of the organ. Both these larger-than-life instruments sometimes have the aura of the superhuman: the concert grand piano in the field of secular music, the organ in the church. From this constellation an approximately 20-minute, strictly architecturally constructed sound piece develops, using organ and piano with their ‘mechanical abilities’ (unlimited breath, continuous repetitions): this is contrasted with the horn as a human individual.”

World Premiere
Johannes X. Schachtner,
Chamber music Nr. 5: “... ex machina” for horn in F, piano and organ 
(Wilfried Krüger, horn 
Gottfried Rüll, piano 
Manfred Meier-Appel, organ) 
- Commissioned by the Pegnitzschäfer Klangkonzepte – 

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