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Ballet in Leipzig and Antwerp with dances of works by Galina Ustvolskaya

Hochgeladene Datei

The new ballet “Solitude” by Mario Schröder will premiere at the Leipzig Ballet on 16 October 2020. It will be performed by members of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra conducted by Ulf Schirmer. The musical basis is Galina Ustvolskaya’s Symphony No. 5 “Amen”.  

Symphony No. 5 “Amen” (1989/90) is Ustvolskaya’s last composition and has an almost sober and clear structure, in the course of which homophonic passages of the violin, oboe, trumpet, tuba and percussion accompany a solo part reciting the “Our Father”. 

In addition to this new choreography from Leipzig based on a work by Galina Ustvolskaya, a video of a choreography by Sammy Van Den Heuvel of the Ballet Vlaanderen Antwerp has been made available on the Internet. This choreography's impressive dance scene is accompanied by the 5th movement of Galina Ustvolskaya's "Great Duet" for violoncello and piano. 

Here is the link to this video: » play video

Leipzig Ballet
World Ballet Premiere “Solitude” after Galina Ustvolskaya’s Symphony Nr. 5 “Amen” 
(Mario Schröder, Choreography, Members of the Gewandhaus Orchestra, conductor: Ulf Schirmer) 

October 2020 
Video of the choreography “Solitary Dialogues” by Sammy Van Den Heuvel of the Ballet Vlaanderen Antwerp on the 5th movement from Galina Ustvolskaya's “Great Duet” for cello and piano.

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