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Continuation of a successful cooperation: Rolf Zuckowski and Concord extend their partnership

Rolf Zuckowski has extended his contract with the Sikorski Music Publishers acquired by Concord in 2019. This is a continuation of the successful cooperation between Rolf Zuckowski and Sikorski that has lasted for decades - now under the umbrella of the international publishing group Concord.
Zuckowski says: "I am happy that my decades of gratifying and successful cooperation with Sikorski Music Publishers can now be permanently continued in the new partnership with Concord with publishing expertise and a tangible commitment to my life's work. Winfried Jacobs, Managing Director of Sikorski Music Publishers, writes: "I am very pleased to be able to continue to be active for Rolf Zuckowski in publishing and, as part of the internationally successful Concord Group, to be able to contribute to making his works better known abroad as well".
With the purchase of Sikorski Musikverlage, Concord also took over the associated MUSIK FÜR DICH Rolf Zuckowski OHG, in which Rolf Zuckowski's works have been looked after since 1989.
Zuckowski's recordings appear on the label "Musik für Dich", which was founded in 1994 by Polydor and is now part of Universal Music. Zuckowski wrote countless children's songs such as 'Stubs der kleinen Osterhase', 'Wie schön, dass du geboren bist', 'In der Weihnachtsbäckerei' and 'Du da im Radio'. He also writes songs for adults like 'Leben ist mehr'. Over 20 million copies of his records have been sold to date. The new production "Gemeinsam unterwegs - Lieder im Herbst des Lebens" will be released at the end of September.

Short biography

Born in Hamburg in 1947, Rolf Zuckowski was already a singer and guitarist in the school band The beAthovens with English songs when he was a student. He studied business administration and from 1972 worked as assistant to the management at the music publisher Hans Sikorski. A collaboration with the Swiss vocal trio Peter, Sue & Marc as lyricist and co-producer developed and he wrote lyrics for various artists, including Nana Mouskouri, Paola, Juliane Werding, Demis Roussos and the Finkwarder Speeldeel. With the birth of his daughter Anuschka, he started writing children's songs. In 1978 the publication of "Rolf's Bird Wedding" followed, as well as first kindergarten and school concerts. The breakthrough came in 1981/82 with Du da on the radio and a TV appearance on "Wetten, dass...?" with ...und ganz doll mich. Rolf Zuckowski, now 73 years old, has accompanied three generations with his songs. His songs still belong to the most popular repertoire in day-care centres, schools, choirs and instrumental groups and are broadcast on radio and television.

Social commitment

Rolf Zuckowski's commitment goes far beyond the boundaries of music. He supports organisations close to his convictions, such as the Erich Kästner Children's Village and the SOS Children's Villages. The association "Elbkinderland e.V.", which he founded, promotes musical encounters between children's choirs and musical togetherness along the Elbe. His foundation "Kinder brauchen Musik" (Children need music), which he established in 2004, particularly supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds and is intended to contribute to an "active musical childhood", which he strongly advocates. In February 2005, Rolf Zuckowski was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon and in 2018 the Federal Cross of Merit First Class for his services in these areas and for the cultural significance of his musical work.

Berlin, 25 September 2020