The press on the Munich premiere of the opera “7 Deaths of Maria Callas“ by Marko Nikodijevic

“Callas is indeed arisen” reads the Süddeutsche Zeitung's headline for its review of the premiere of the eagerly awaited opera project "7 Deaths of Maria Callas" by Marko Nikodijević and Marina Abramović on 1 September 2020 at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. In the online edition of the Neue Musikzeitung a review entitled "Schöner Sterben, um um leben" (Dying beautifully, in order to live) was published among many other reactions.
On 5 September 2020, the production can also be experienced on the internet, as the premiere will be followed by a free live broadcast of the performance on STAATSOPER.TV in cooperation with BR-Klassik and ARTE concert.

Here are a few sentences of the premiere reviews:
“Callas is indeed Arisen - Marina Abramović stages her ‘7 Deaths of Maria Callas’ as unconditional art, far away from business, money acquisition, shallowness and boredom
(...) In her play '7 Deaths of Maria Callas', first performed in Munich, Abramović gradually transforms into the Callas - by doing nothing, because she sleeps live on stage for one and a half hours. During this time she imagines the singer's last Parisian night and dreams herself in seven of her great arias. (...) The actor in love with experiments (Willem Dafoe), does not appear live together with Abramović, but in the seven minimalist short films that Nabil Elderkin made about the seven arias. As Otello, Dafoe is decorated with living giant snakes, which he drapes around his partner. (…)
The sequence of the seven arias, separated only by short interludes, would simply have seemed like any classical radio best-of suite without the composer Marko Nikodijević's grand finale. But in this way, all the fragments of memory condensed into a final death and love scene which continues without any singing. To a death scene of course, which after a few minutes leads directly to the resurrection.”
Reinhard J. Brembeck in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 02.09.2020)
Dying beautifully in order to live - Marina Abramović’s Opera project “7 Deaths of Maria Callas” premiered in Munich
“No, she doesn't jump out the window. Although the musical effect with which raucous Paris breaks into the replica of Callas’ death room in Paris is almost physically palpable. This small scene shortly before the end of the 7 Deaths of Maria Callas, which can now be witnessed in Munich, is not underscored by the musical contributions of Bellini, Bizet, Donizetti, Puccini and Verdi, but was written by Marko Nikodijević, the composing compatriot of the Serbian performer Marina Abramović. (…)”
(Joachim Lange in: Neue Musikzeitung online, 02.09.2020)
Premiere of Abramović’s “7 Deaths of Maria Callas” celebrated
“It was a fascinating mixture of film, singing and music: With the premiere of ‘7 Deaths of Maria Callas’ by performance artist Marina Abramović, the Bavarian State Opera in Munich started the new season on Tuesday evening. (…)”
(dpa, 02.09.2020)
Window open and into the bath
“(…) Very impressive the death of the Butterfly. This Japan after an act of obliteration can only be entered in a protective suit. When Marina tears it open and exposes her chest, she sinks to the ground dead. Equipped with the leading text fragments contributed by herself and Peter Skavlan, and carried by the intermezzi newly composed by her compatriot Marko Nikodijević and against the Italian pathos, one can certainly make a mental connection to what one knows about Callas and the tragedy of her life.(…)”
(Roberto Becker in: Concerti, 03.09.2020)

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